Nu Con Construction Company has a vast array of experiences in Structural Engineering & Construction, Food Industry Construction & Installations, and Miscellaneous Small Project management.

Some of our Structural Engineering & Construction Service projects include:

  1. Many Residential Projects
  2. Commercial-DSC Logistics (Structural Beams)
  3. Houston Foods (Brick Walls)
  4. Imperial Realty (Office Building Ceilings and Electrical)

Some of our Food Industry Construction & Installations projects include:

  1. Keebler Company
  2. Campbell’s Soup Company
  3. Schulze and Birch Biscuit Company
  4. Numerous Large Commercial Bakery and Food Service Equipment Installations

Some of our Miscellaneous Small Projects include:

  1. Numerous residential projects
  2. Brinks Home Security (Repairs)
  3. Winston Park Condos (Repairs)

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